• Alexis-9565_230x240

    Lisa Varga

    Lisa Varga is from South Bend, Indiana, but later moved to LA and then NYC to pursue an acting and modeling career. After modeling all over the country, Lisa landed acting roles in a number …

  • cast-max-AlexisRonan_6F2A3474

    Tony Casale

    Tony Casale is the star of the pilot episode of “Broken”. He plays Max, a troubled man who wants nothing more in life than to find a true friend and to fix himself. Tony Casale …

  • thad-230x240

    Thad Donovan

    Thad abandoned Purdue University’s school of engineering, but found his calling in the arts. He learned how to make a living with a fine arts degree by working harder, being more creative and taking greater risks …

  • 10636839_969455277099_1969106822371843240_o

    Carly Smith

    Carly Smith never considered herself a writer. However, during long commutes between the office and video shoots she and Thad developed Alexis Ronan. Alexis was so compelling—a once fleeting thought turned into a dream, which …

  • Kelly-Daisy-Producer

    Kelly Daisy

    Kelly is a SAG-AFTRA actor and Producer who has worked in a variety of roles on set. Most recently as Producer on the feature film Swan Song, and Production Supervisor on the feature The Middle …

  • dean-no-glasses

    Dean Jacobson

    Dean Jacobson has worked in the industry for nearly thirty years. He has worked on several feature films taking on various roles, including producer and director of photography. He has a passion for art and …

  • steve-230x240

    Steve Ruminski

    Stephen Ruminski is an aspiring filmmaker with a wide range of production experience both on set, and in post-production. His versatility and attention to detail has enhanced the Alexis Ronan project immensely.

  • jeff-schultz-230x240

    Jeff Schultz

    Jeff Schultz, of Valparaiso, Ind., plays Reporter #2 and is one of the executive producers of the Alexis Ronan. Jeff is a reporter in real life and has been with the Chesterton Tribune since 2009. …

  • Andrea-Hunter-230x240

    Andrea Hunter

    Andrea has worked in casting for two years and has cast over 100 reality-style commercials, including ongoing national campaigns for Wal-Mart, Hyundai and Allstate. Over the past ten years, she has worked in other areas …

  • Larry-Marshall-230x240

    Larry Marshall

    After starting out as a 2nd AC on various short films, Larry made the jump to 1st AC (focus puller) in 2012. His previous 1st AC feature film credits include Chrysalis (2014) and Swan Song …

  • Lance-Ferrell-230x240

    Lance Ferrell

    Boom operator extraordinaire. Lance has the expertise, patience and professionalism required for critical audio. We’re thrilled to have him on board.

  • dora-kwak-230x240

    Dora Kwak

    Dora Kwak owner of Behind the Scenes-dora kwak which is a network of hair and makeup artists has been in the industry for many years, she became a lic. cosmetology instructor in 2014, Behind the …

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