Learn about Alexis Ronan, the new media episodic.


A successful attorney is willing to do whatever it takes to find her missing son. Her life intertwines with the main suspect, a local deviant who only wants two things in life: a true friend and to be fixed.

Set in the fictional town of Barrington, Indiana and surrounded by the hauntingly unique landscape of the Great Lakes dunes (never before filmed for episodic media), is the world of “Alexis Ronan”. It’s the midwest like you’ve never seen it. Nestled among the “singing” sand, steel mills, country clubs and trailer parks are shattered lives. Everyone has a dark side and it is this cold human condition that is explored through the characters of “Alexis Ronan”.

Alexis Ronan is the town’s superstar attorney and her adopted son Elijah has gone missing. She quits her job, empties her IRA and commits to doing whatever it takes to find her son Whatever. It. Takes.

Max Ottenberg, her former client, is the local deviant and prime suspect in Elijah’s disappearance. All he wants in life are two things: finding a true friend and fixing himself. Each attempt at fulfilling his goals will make you uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable.

Their lives intertwine, sinking each of them deeper into their mutual obsessions and further from a world of virtue.

This drama uses faux documentary interviews with townsfolk to set the stage for unnerving scenes that reveal the lengths these characters will go to fix their broken lives. This show is not for the weak at heart. The goal is to challenge people each episode and to make them a bit uncomfortable. The audience will be faced with philosophical dilemmas. Is it okay to feel sympathy for a chicken fucker? When does “whatever it takes” go too far? What do you do when lives depend on a secret that haunts you?

These questions and more are demanded of an audience that instinctively knows some things can’t be fixed.

“Broken” is a Smith Donovan production.